Requesting to all prayer warriors of marriage and family

I am in my highest emotion right now. I feel so stressed and depressed and desperate. I am in need of your prayer to help me pray to save our marriage. My husband is clearly lost and he wants us to be separated, forever.

I love my husband so much that it is easy for me to forgive him despite of everything he did to ruin this relationship. Yes, I know I have faults but not to the extent that I have to commit adultery, not to the extent that I have to be secretive about everything, not to the extent that I have to steal his money. (Yes he did all that and it is not a good influence to our child).

Everytime I ask him “how much pain I have caused him to hurt me this way” he always says that “Ever since I gave birth, I forget how to be wife to him that I only focus to our child” and that hurts so me so much coz he didn’t see that we are a first time parent and we should both figure out how to be a good parent together and not just only me 🙁 even though he doesn’t have time for me after I gave birth I didn’t ask for someone’s attention like what he did.

I am full of love because God loves me so much that I can easily forgive but definitely not forget. I hope I could still save it even if takes a year or forever for me to wait.. Even if his parents told me to let him go because he has no respect to me even to our God, I still cant help myself but to love him unconditionally.

For 3 yrs of being in a relationship and 2 yrs of being married I know deep in his heart that he is not like that that’s why I don’t understand why he is trying to push me away, why he always wanted to leave us. I have done everything to save our marriage but it seems not enough for him. I dont understand him anymore but I love him so much, I love our son so much, I love the family we build.

Help me, Lord.. I surrender everything. Help me enlighten my husband, draw him to You..

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