Requesting the favor of God’s in all areas of my life.

by Jan (Tallahassee, Florida 32304)

I am in the Masters program and I am not allowed to make but 1 “C”.. I did upon first entering the program and now it appears to be about to happen again. The last to classes presented struggles for me even though at midterm I asked each professor their feedback on ways I would be able to come out of the classes with at least a “B”. To my dismay tables were turned, I ended up withdrawing from one class in hopes to focus on the other. Each student presented the problems with this class and I felt better that the matter was not isolated. Now according to my advisor the professor stated that I was looking at a “C” as all the other students I am unemployed and seeking employment. I don’t have monies to pay for these classes over again.. I know God reigns and I am touching and agreeing that through all of this, I would be granted favor from the Lord..

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