Requesting Prayers For My Wife

by John ()

I would appreciate any and all prayers for my Wife, Judi. She is going through a very tough time and has been for a few years now. I’m John her husband and I have stage 4 COPD. I’ve had it a long time and Judi has been there to support me. I can do small things for myself but for the most part she does everything plus sees to my needs. She loves me so and when I’m having a bad day, so is she, and unfortunately as my disease progresses there are more bad days then we’d like. On top of the day to day stuff, which in our new COVID world is tough enough she lost her oldest Sister, Linda, last year to cancer. We live in different states so Judi wasn’t able to be by her side daily as she would have liked to so she suffered without being there. She was able to see her Sister a few times throughout her sister’s couple of years battle with cancer, however they were only short trips so she could get back home to take care of me. Not seeing her Sister for months at a time added an additional burden on her. The shock at seeing how much Linda declined between visits. I guess when you’re with someone daily or so, those changes are not so stark because it’s only changing a little at the time. During her sister Linda’s last months and weeks I was in the hospital 3 times for lung procedures and I stopped counting after my 5th pneumothorax. I can’t tell you the agony this caused her. She couldn’t leave me but she needed to be with her Sister. At the end Judi did manage to see Linda a few days before she passed but by then Linda was so far gone no one knows if she even knew who was around her. Judi had to attend the funeral without me as I was still recovering so she had to go through this with me for close support.

I apologize for the length of my request but I thought it important that you understand the depths her heart is hurting. Judi was raised a Catholic and believes in God. At this time she continues to pray but I sense they are angry prayers based on how I’ve seen her response to things happening to us and many around her. She continues to question why God would do this? Or if not why would he do this than why did he allow it to happen. She is openly bitter and angry with most things.

I am a recently born again in Christ Christian so she addresses me with many of these questions. I want her to see and feel the joy she could have in her life if she would turn her pain and hurt over to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I testify on how my life and prospective has changed since my reawakening, in small doses to avoid overwhelming her but at the same time she needs God’s help now. I know he is ready and willing to wrap His arms around her and take up her burdens and sorrows if but she ask in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

This is why I’m asking you to pray for my wife Judi. She is a good devoted woman who needs our help through prayers to get her reconnected in Christ our Lord. Thank you in advance for doing this Christian charity.

May The Lord Our God Bless You


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