Requesting Prayer for my 17 yr old aughter and myself.

by Anita (Houston TX Harris)

Im a single mom and my 17 yr old daughter deals with anxiety and depression, self harm and in the past suicide ideation.

She and I have done a lot of work in counseling over the past couple years between individual (for both of us), family, and skills classes (for both of us).

Our relationship has gone up and down and up and down. We recently had a rough time but doing better I think… at least it’s calm in the house and in our conversations. When we went through the most recent rough time in March said she wants to move out of my house. This saddens me, makes me mad, hurts and frightens me. She still has her senior year of high school next year.

In March I noticed a changes in her behavior. Failing classes, self hygiene and living area declining, new boyfriend, decided not to go to college, lots of new contacts even out of state, smoking pot, and we were not getting along well and wanting to get an apartment this summer when she turns 18 and through her senior year.

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