Request to move

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The place I am living in is driving me insane and I have had many tumors because of the trauma. I am being tormented by the people I live around every single day and I am also being called racial slurs by the customers at my current job. Ever since I moved to this state nothing but bad has been happening. The church will not help me and I was targeted by a sexual predator in the church. I’m bullied by society and have been suffering ever since age 9. I was first abused by my dad and I have not been happy ever since. I really need help and really need to move out of here. I tried contacting Christian’s online and they shunned me and blamed me. I tried contacting places for help and friends. All my friends did me wrong and abandoned me. I really want to move out of the toxic apartment I am living in and it’s a major health hazard there is sewage in the drinking water and mold on the walls. I want the curse taken off of me. The other half of my family is messing with occultic religions and and evil. I’m scared honestly don’t know what to do. I really need to move out. I’m being harassed and stalked. Please pray for me I need help and need to get out of here. Barley any of churches are helping out here and the people in this state are shallow. It’s too hard ever since I moved out here with my brother. It was the biggest mistake of my life and I should of ever moved out here. I really need to get out I am in so much pain and am suffering cancer

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