Request for prayer at my place of work

by Elizabeth (Country)

Father God I thank you for giving me a good job it has been 9 yrs now.Recently I was given a chance to train on a new role which I did so well.But my co-workers were not happy when I was given this golden opportunity.They fighted me through gossips.what’s up with the boss and co-workers,they indeed gave false accusations about me and whenever I called them on phone to assist me they ignored my call.They influenced my other co-workers mmm that one she has attitude the boss believed them all.Tha job was given to someone else they talk ill about me ,I have no friend at all at work I am lonely. Father God you know me well,my strengths,weaknesses you know uplift me O God because I need to get a promotion this year,let the enemies with their big mouths be defeated in Jesus name I pray.Amen.

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