Request financial assistance from philanthropists.

by Himi (Khemisset, Morocco)

Convey this message to the good people and I wish God to bless me from your heart all the best as he said peace be upon him (still good in my nation until the Hour) ratified the Messenger of Allah, and where I do not know what to write, but I will write the truth that where my suffering in this world and I will tell them I have heard about the good people who will assist the weak and the needy and distressed God said (and applied for yourselves from the best find one when God is good and the greatest reward) Almighty God and wish of Almighty God to find a solution to my suffering that does not calms the mind day and night of much thinking in the future miserable. You do not even peered sir Madam I am a young Moroccan man, from the city of Khemisset, I am 27 years old, my name Himi technical specialist in computer repair I would like to open a shop for private latter, please good people help me for this purpose, and God does not waste the reward of the doers of good. Yesterday I needed financial help for being a poor parent and orphan I do not have savings in the bank or a daily wage, and I pray for the poor to alleviate poverty is very difficult because it is sufficient that it does not make its owner slept the night and the day relaxes Oh mercy on us, O Lord of the Worlds.

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