Repeated Sin Besets Me

by Cody (Diamond Bar, CA, USA)

Father God,

My God,
I am surely guilty,
For I have sinned again,
Abusing you, other people and my own flesh.
Father God I continue to confess sins of masturbation and pornography,
However I struggle to forsake them.
What is it going to take?
Father I hereby give this horrible sin to you
Take it away,
Send me counsel,
Do what ever is of necessity
To get the devil to flee from me.
Day and night I struggle over this.

Father God, how dare I try to
Stand for the Gospel and then do this!
Father I ask you again to take these specific sins
Of pornography, masturbation and homosexual tendencies away,
For it is against you and only you that I have sinned.

Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean;
Heal me from woes, depression and worry,
Help me give my life to prayer and I shall be free!
For the truth will set us free indeed,
If we rest in you dear Jesus
With all our heart, soul, and strength.
In you we will all have victory!
In Jesus name.