Rent paid right unjust situation

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God thank you for being here for me at 2:40 awake sorrier about food water rent soon. Due to living in a new place and my job not allowing workers in due to the virus I am praying my landlord let’s me be late on rent it’s a hotel but I’ve been here for over 30 days so maybe the job and consistently paying means something. I have no food or car and the job being on hold due to the virus really killed my rent money. I am scared to death. I was homeless a victim of abuse and I lost my best friend and dog last year. The abuser stalked me all emotional and I need shelter asap and this home provides everything and close to my employers. I need a miracle . I didn’t get a birthday I was in the pd station filing a restraining order report and had no food or needs since March 20 hardly. I would appreciate a miracle I am a first generation ba degree woman in my family as well but also downplayed my entire life due to coming from poverty can’t get into my dream job or paid right due to social economic status a degree meant nothing 13 years of hard sacrifice. It feels like to suffer since 17 years old working usually 3 jobs to keep afloat and never had a car because of paying for bills. I am in my 20s now and losing weight faith and hope from hunger stress on rent biased paygrade from a blue collar class and it’s like the devil wants me to stay in poverty so I am regretting college and hurting for doing right
I am even bullied by my morals. Just hear me lord I am hurting and need a miracle in this unjust situation.

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