renew me

by Charmae (Philippines)

Lord hear my prayers.
I know that i’ve sinned many times,
I know I’ve lost faith on you,
I walk away from you when you don’t answer my prayers, Sorry.
I’ve lost faith when I failed the board exam.
I’ve lost faith when my grandma suffers from breast cancer.
I’ve lost faith when my 5 puppies died.
I’ve lost faith everytime I ask you something and get nothing in return.
Sorry, Sorry for blaming you for everything. Sorry if im too impatient waiting for your plans to happen. Sorry, Sorry for doubting your power. Sorry, Sorry if I only see the worst and not thanking you for what you’ve given me and my family.
Lord, I know I’ve sinned so much
But now, I’m asking for you guidance please help me change. Show me that your love is enough. Help me and my family overcome any difficulties. Give us good health, peace of mind and draw us closer to you. Please help my dogs too. I know I’ve been asking a lot from you. Now I’m ready to wait. Give us more strength to overcome everything and draw us away from sins.
Thank you, Lord.
May your light shine upon me and my family. Shower us with your unending love and blessings. Amen.

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