Renew me

by Carol ()

Please restore me. Please give me strength courage confidence calmness to move forward move on not look back. Not be afraid intimidated threatened abused lied to lied about hated insecure. Please renew me so i know what to do. Please may the house pass inspection please get george to sign the divorce papers then leave me alone. Change me from the inside out. Im done. I need a financial miracle so fies kim.Please remove this anger, bitterness, resentment and hostility. Please help me get over George forgive him forget let go. Help me find affordable housing now that we have a buyer I need to move out by 9/1. Please help me and my children physically emotionally financially employment legal and housing needs met. Im sorry for continuing to dwell ruminate punishing and blaming myself for all this. I need you lord set me free from this isolation I don’t want to be alone help Stacey through the death of her father, my first husband, our marriage was annulled. Keep me sober. I need to find and get an apartment. Please get the house sold with a little financial cushion after debts paid off this is insane. Please get me an apartment, a buyer for the house get george completely out of my life

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