by Diane C Springer ()

Need prayers for restitution from bringing justice in GOVERNMENT crimes for our Precious Lord Jesus. It has been a LONG SUFFERING JOURNEY of many hospital stays and perilous travel much like Paul in the gospels. This also happened during a 10.5 year wrongful incarceration in 3 California prisons in which the Lord has long since exonerated me, however restitution still has not been paid by our GOVERNMENT. Thank you and God BLESS you ABUNDANTLY in this DAY of our Lord Jesus. Amen. ♡♡♡

Please also pray for my best friend Valerie Bolden who is incarcerated and has already served 23 years on a domestic violence charge whereby many believe she acted in self defense against her husband. The Lord has blessed her with a Parole hearing in 8/2021, truly a miracle. She works hard to bring the prisoners to Jesus. Please pray for all board members to vote affirmatively to release her. Amen and Amen. ♡♡♡

I would also like you to include Myeshia Morrow in your Prayers. Thank you and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you. Amen. ♡♡♡

Also once again feds detained me this xmas for 30 days b4 finally releasing me after freezing me in a cell block for 2 days. I left with a high fever and suffered much persecution like Mother Mary’s disgrace. However the LORDS hand upon me with EXCELLENT legal counsel to get me out via my Prayers for CHRISTMAS. He, later after much anger and tears showed me that a letter from one of the original officers in the genocide needs to be exposed. Please PRAY about this. Thank you. Amen and Amen. ♡♡♡
I neglected one additional item I was the subject of a genocide at C.I.W. INSTITUTE for women. I am a survivor as 2 of my close friends died. The feds are here now and attempting to fill my apartment with poisonous gas, but Jesus hand is upon me and I had a restful nights sleep. Thank you. Amen. ♡♡♡

Uodate: I stayed in Prayer and the Lord blessed me with the best late Christmas ever. I truly believe I had the best Christmas the World over although it came late. He gave me a PENTHOUSE at the airport for 3 nights! Also my rent here was paid by Catholic charities . Amen. ♡♡♡

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