Remove this money Curse

by Vashon (Grosse Pointe Mi)

My family has had a black magic curse put upon us & it has affected the whole family including the children. We cannot prosper in anyway. We are clearly over looked for anything that leads to money.

God does not answer our prayers to have this curse removed so we are a family who have great great need. I hate to pray anymore because I’m tried of being let down. Our children are losing faith & does not want to hear about God or Jesus really because we have cried out many times for help to no avail. Pray us please, I can’t go on much longer like this.

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  1. get rid of financial curse

    Dear lord Jesus I ask u in the name of the father and the son the holy spirit to remove the financial curse that’s been with me along time that’s stopped me from enjoying financial success I promise lord if u do this for me I will be able to help others I shall share my my financial success with other people especially the poor the homeless and anyone that’s needs financial help so lord Jesus,Mary god all the saints please answer my request amen

  2. Need Prayers - Desparate-Feel Like I'm Cursed

    I had a good job starting from 2010 and I left my good job in 2014 for a new job closer to home and more money. I thought this was a good decision and when I interviewed and got the job, everything was well at first. But I noticed I started feeling a little uncomfortable where I was and some of the people I was working with were not very nice and suddenly my boss became not to nice. All of a sudden I was not working well probably because I felt a feeling of uneasiness at the workplace and there was a lot of bigotry and prejudice. I started falling behind and I made some bad mistakes. I have never worked so lowly before. All my works I have been really great and have had great opportunity and good reports. But at this job, all of a sudden I did work well for some reason then it hit. I got let go.

    On the positive side, I went back to school to pursue another degree but got let go 2 months after I started school. I got unemployment but the unemployment was not that good and had a temp job that I thought was doing good. I went in to the agency 1 week after starting the temp job and they told me I was not the right fit and that I was to slow right after I left the place with the boss telling me that I was doing well.

    I have been on a temp job for the last 4 months that’s not earning 1/2 as much as I was earning throughout my career and struggling. I have had job leads and interviews but no one has
    accepted me full time. I have squandered all of my savings now because of things I needed for school and of course to provide for my family. I have had to resort to credit cards now and starting to max out my cards and I have told my family that they need to help me.

    I go to church once a week, pray three times a day, read my bible, and have done the usual since I have been doing for many years. However, it feels like all of a sudden nothing is being answered. I have been with prayer groups, following prayers to Jesus but it feels like things are just getting worse as if I have been cursed since I left my good job. I don’t know what to do anymore or who to turn. Now I have negative prayers asking the Lord to take me. What have I done so bad? I’m not a bad person. All the rest of my family are in good standing instead of me. For some unfortunate reason, I am always on last end of the stick…Please pray for me that God will bless me with something. I just can’t take it anymore. I can’t even cry.

  3. there are people that are have and there are have nots

    there are people that are have and there are have nots.

    i work in a good job and no matter what I do i NEVER have any money in my savings.

    when i think about it the house i am paying off that i live in is not mine, it is my wifes.

    why the fuck do i bother? the reason i bother is for my family to have food and a roof over their heads.

    so fucking what i dont go on holidays out of the country or have nice clothes or a nice car etc.

    get over yourselves and stop bitching and be happy you have a family that are healthy because there are much worse people out there you pathetic cry babys. you make me fucking sick.

  4. More blessed to give than receive.

    First of all the every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights. You must become a light of God and that can only come to pass by receiving and accepting His only begotten Son Jesus the Christ as Lord of your life. Without accepting, asking and confessing him as Lord of your life to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances by living the truth. A true child of God must walk in the spirit by asking for and receiving a rebirth through and by the Holy Spirit also know as the Holy Ghost. Then you will be lead by that spirit to interpret the scriptures correctly though the study of God’s word. God’s people are destroyed because a lack of knowledge and the knowledge necessary for survival is in God’s word the Holy Bible. Then you will get through the good and bad times with his help. You have to do all that you can even the scriptures say if you don’t work you will not eat. That does not mean necessarily for an employer. You can employ yourself by finding someone with a need willing to pay cash for that need being met. Although working of any kind demonstrates to God. Your wiliness to work for your food. God blesses those who are faithful and trust in him to do so. If you fear or wavier you will not receive from God what you have need of. He said that he would supply your needs not your wants. Although if you can be trusted to appreciate and be thankful for whatever you receive. He then starts to bless you before you even ask. Giving is the greatest way to receiving but you must live a life of giving when the Lord tells you to give. You don’t give to get you give to obey. The Lord says those that Love me obey my words. Yes, you will mess up occasionally but that is why God gave us grace through Jesus the Christ the son of the living God. Through him Jesus we can call upon God and know him as heavenly father, Abba Father or daddy. Through a loving relationship with him. We can begin to impress God with our love, obedience, faithfulness and fruit of the spirit. Love, joy, peace goodness, kindness, meekness, gentleness, patients with self-control. We can begin to meditate on what is good lovely and of a good report if their be any praise if their be any virtue, we must think on those things. We must learn to speak those things that be not as though they are. Word’s that speak life to all that surround us and walk with bowels of mercy and forgive all who wrong us. This is the life of the Father through our Lord Jesus the Christ the only begotten son of a living God. Who wants to be a better Father to you than a good earthly Father that might be to you if he choose to.

  5. same situation, help please

    i never believed in curses and things like that, but my boyfriend’s family been undergoing some serious financial and health troubles over the past year, it started with the business going down, they use to have bakeries over the country, 2 of them in all, one shut down, no more clients, and then they started falling sick, my father in law had heart surgery, my mother in law is being treated for a pre cancer gland and my boyfriend is insomniac ever since, this really is a nuisance to our relationship and our lives, i love him and want to help him, i don’t know how, until i learnt that it was actually a family curse… how to lift the curse? we’ve been praying for months, a man told us that only black magic can help us? should we turn our back on our faith in god and follow that dark path?

  6. Don't borrow from xuan

    Shame on you Xuan for preying on this person with a scam. Maybe people here don’t believe in god but I believe in Karma. You will one day be put in a situation in which you will suffer for cheating others especially when they are weak

  7. Ditto

    I was reading what you wrote and I felt like I wrote it,I also pray and pray ,doors open then slam in my face ,I pray i pray I get laughed at so fed up

  8. Trust in GOD

    First and foremost… I would like to thank GOD for allowing me to wake up this today to tell you that GOD is good all the time, regardless of your situation. What things may look like, the hardships or trying times that you are going through GOD tells us to walk by faith alone and not by sight. Remain faithfull with him always. Fear means False evidence appearing real. Your perception of things is not the CREATORS perception of things. Jesus teaches us to trust in the LORD our GOD and not to trust any man because man will fail you. A lot of the hardships we all go through is because we choose to put man before GOD! This Im writing as words of encouragement for you not to give up. So Im saying to you stay prayerful and believe that you are with GOD and GOD is with you!

  9. pre-destined path

    I recently threw my Bible in the garbage. I followed all the rules; generous to everyone in need, giving from the heart. Joyfully paid tithes. Turned my money problems over to god and waited. And waited. And waited. Yea-waited to myself to losing everything and being homeless. Will NEVER believe or trust god for anything. Like the first responder said my life was screwed from day 1 and it’s obvious to me that no matter what that bible says, god ain’t gonna change anything

  10. Useless

    It’s useless to keep tring to be rich. If by the time your 2 yrs old and your not called lucky then forget about ever having much more than a living. Luck and timing make riches and a lucky person is born lucky and it stays with them all their life. A unlucky person like you will always just barely make it. The one good thing about unlucky people is they die young.

  11. Useless

    It’s useless to keep tring to be rich. If by the time your 2 yrs old and your not called lucky then forget about ever having much more than a living. Luck and timing make riches and a lucky person is born lucky and it stays with them all their life. A unlucky person like you will always just barely make it. The one good thing about unlucky people is they die young.

  12. At times

    At times i feel the same way, like now, im about to loose my home for me & my 3 children in days, ive been praying, crying, have changed a bad habbit 2 1/2 months ago, trying to do the rite things, reading my bible….but this is a serious issue and i dont see any signs of a blessing…It seems the more sining i do, i recieve blessings, the more i try to stop sining i dont recieve blessings….I trying so hard to keep my faith but im just feeling alittle let down..I wonder how God feels about the world…

  13. Remove this money curse

    One thing I have learned out of personal experience is that a lot of financial curses come from somebody close to you. It could be somebody you gave money to or that gave you money which was cursed. I think that whatever prayer you are making with regards to your finances has to include cursed money which you recieved or money you gave to someone which got cursed. Pray that the blood of Jesus will break those curses and any connection such cursed money has to your finances and financial endeavours.
    I pray that God will bring you all out of the curses of the evil household enemies. Don’t loose faith in God, He remembers you and your victory will surely come.

  14. Remove this money curse

    I can’t get ahead, when i think things are getting better something unexpected comes up.I was in the hospital and have insurance but it only covered so much, now i still owe over $2000.00. Money always come out of my account to pay on something unexpectedly. I am on fmla because of my back problems i don’t get paid while i’m off of work and i don’t get paid while off. I can’t afford to help others i have so much responsibility i am overwhelmed. I tried to win money i never do.I love my family and they need help i can’t help. As i write this i am in tears because i prayed to be uplifted. I do believe in God because he woke me up this morning to see another day. I am praying for blessings for a better life. I can’t do this by myself.

  15. Please pray for me too

    That Jesus releases financial freedom iny life, removes blocks that deter my success and provide for me seperately from my family. Lord I need to see you please answer my prayer.. I want to help other people and homeless animals Jesus! Please don’t hesitate and grant my request. IJNIP amen

  16. Bad luck in finance

    We have been suffering for finance. No matter how much my husband tries to work different kind of job. How not even lazy he works so hard to find money but for some reason money has always been a problem to our marriage. We have been together for 21 years and have three kids but for some reason we had been moving so much and that our finance had never been good at all. We have been praying going to church every Sunday and my husband and I goes to the church almost everyday to ask for help since no one is gonna help is regarding money. And my kids is giving up on hope and faith. They don’t wanna hear about God cause they say they pray but God doesn’t answer. So please Lord Jesus help us take this financial curse away. I don’t want anything to happen to my husband. If you can hear us please help us with our finance. It just affects our children too. We have no one to run to but you. Please please take this financial curse or whatever it is that is not making my husband provide for us. Just take it away. I’m so hurt when I see my husband trying so hard to make money and nothing comes the way he wants it. And even if I wanna go back to school for nursing I can’t cause we have no money to pay for my school. I want so bad to help my husband but for some reason there is no job that opens up for me too. Help please help this financial curse away.

  17. Prayer for break through

    I really need prayer because I owe lot of people and shops please pray for me

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