Remove or Repent

by Larnette ()

Lord I pray that you will remove the persons or person who are hiding in my home and are trying to steal my identity, drugging me and abusing me. I pray that you will show law enforcement the tunnel I believe they have built under my house for years since my son went in the Airforce. I sometimes smell cigarettes n marijuana when I’m in my family room and it bothers me so I pray that you will either have them repent and turn from their ways or show law enforcement so I can have proof because these people are smart and I can’t go to the police without proof. They have broken my favorite red headphones, ripped my night gown while I’m sleeping, broke my towel rack, bent and broken some of my work keys cause they have tried to make copies, stolen my important papers, taken and replaced working stuff in my house with broken stuff and when I hear them or him I don’t want to be afraid cause God did not give us a spirit of fear. One time I did retaliate and flipped the sofa over cause I felt movement and he was stuck in the sofa and the proof I had was the coils in the sofa was broken where he got out and that’s when I really started realizing that I was not in my house by myself and also my private papers were on the floor with many papers missing. Please pray that evidence that can be seen will come out and the law enforcement can remove them and the tunnel I believe they have built. I can’t tell anyone without proof and they have been hidden in my home for quite some time and I believe have cameras cause I have tried to put hidden cameras but they come up broken. They’ve messed up my alarm system where the alarm was hard to cut off even at the headquarters. Only the Lord can expose them and all they do. God has kept me safe and Please pray for me and this situation to end cause I have endured for so long that I am weak but still trusting. I may be by myself and they are taking advantage of the meek but I believe with the prayers of the saints a blessing according to God’s will is going to happen. Thank you for praying for me.

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