Relive my stress, worry and anxiety LORD

by Jacqueline (Costa Mesa, CA)

heavenly Father, please relieve me of my stress and worry so that I may concentrate on the tasks before me. Help me to love myself and gain confidence in all situations of my life. Father, I know that I am a sinner, so please stand at my side and take my hand and lead me in the right direction, away from negative thinking towards thoughts of love and abundance for myself and others. Please allow me to see the good in others, and understand that each individual is traveling their own path, with their own trials and tribulations that I may know nothing about. Surround my physical body and soul with th the white light of the Holy Spirit, so that I may look at my circumstances with a more loving and clear heart and mind free from the obstacles of past pain, worries and anxiety, which may cloud my judgement and thinking.

I ask these things in Jesus’ name AMEN,

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