relief from chronic fatigue and pain

In 2008,I got herniated disc.I slipped down the stairs and landed with a thud in sitting position, 2 years later.Also slipped on snow as well.MRIs and x-rays show nothing,but I get so severe pain in my back,it gets so stiff that I get completely bed ridden.

And my Fatigue is so severe some day,I have to struggle to talk.
I am just 43 years old.
back pain(stiffness)happens every 4-6 months.
pain gets so severe that I feel like passing away in sleep would be better.
my heart gets overwhelmed and burdened.
Also Iam too sad in life,want to take a break,cold weather of U.S.doesnt suit me,my teenage daughter has sickle cell disease.
husband puts false allegations against me,Im frustated angry depressed,
totally fed up of everything.

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