Release the demons

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A 16 yr old girl was abused as a baby by her biological parents ,was sent to several foster homes ,she ended with mine along with her siblings ,I knew God designed that I would adopt them all ,along with anymore the biological mom would have ,however she chose to attempt selling one baby on the streets,at age 11 her deep mental illness peaked over 6 years she has been in an out of 17 hospital stays where she would acquire many sick online sites with evil intentions, she lies an makes up evil stories manipulating people to belive them she has turned on me an blames me for all her hosp stays she uses me as a dart board an manufacture lies against me I’m being persecuted ,by the evil one who has devoured her soul an thinking ,the evil one hates my devoted work as a mom ,protector ,caregiver she manipulates all the therapists until they let her loose an send her off to others to deal with ,no one can figure her out , she even tried to turn our church against me ,her an her sister both suffer the same playbook ,her sister has finally gotten better an no more hosp for along time back in school but still has battles but successful therapy , this one is still in a hosp since April, but if she won’t be truthful in sessions there’s no hope ,no open door for the lord to work an heal her ,she’s closed up tight an only lies that seems to be her comfort lies an drama ,police hosp,constant drama with a facade of quiet demeanor which she c uses to hide all the truth behind ,if she could an would open up with her true feelings an many demons at least 30 identies, with names an emails, voices ,an confused c instructions from all she is very psychotic an hides all the demons , in the name of Jesus I ask for help in prayer that they don’t say ( as usual ) ok you can take her home now there’s nothing else we can do ins won’t pay for unsuccessful treatment an if you don’t pick her up they call police to force you to!!! But they tell me ( make sure you hide all your kitchen knives ! Absolute reckless redflag ,overwhelmed mental health system I’ve tried so hard to avoid a feed me sign in her hands on the street for her future ,I’m not a doctor or therapist an she needs that 24 hrs to avoid a constant crisis she builds for herself ,please pray for NY safety an her siblings living with me as we are fearful, an anxiety filled just thinking of that call to pick her up as is , the other 2 are in therapy an I see hope for them once a week both go for therapy an dr visits an nurse visits there’s no room for me to work or rest , I’m a beaten warrior please pray for more strength for this battle 🙏 I need quality of life at some point ,I’ve had empathy for the less fortunate all my life an always prayed for God to use me but this is bigger than me ,I’ve survived child abuse till 30 when my father died,I survived an abortion planned but the Dr denied it an told my father to take my mom home he wouldn’t touch her so my father hated me ever since told me I was trouble the min I was born I kissed him goodnight every night hoping it would ease his conscience an be less harsh the next day ,so I know the devils ugly tasks , they are easy to identify , he has his claws in my adopted 16 yr old girl please pray for the release of evil an the filling of the holy spirit thank you brothers an sisters in christ

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