Release the demonic attacks for me and my husband

by Carrie (VA)

My husband has been attack by demonic spirits that he can’s see the GOOD in nothing and nobody.

Evil has stole all the LOVE out of him for God himself me (Wife) family Lord please help us to be better.

The Spirits of the devil has made him BLIND to what GOd has for us..

I started an affair and I want that SPIRIT to removed from me immediately and the man who is the affair.

I want GOD to separate this affair immediately.

I need GOD to step in our hearts and change them into the Spirits of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I want this affair to be over in Jesus name.

I want my husband to be healed and this marriage be separated until GOD has fi9x my husband and me.

Someone I need Jesus immediately to step in I have no idea where to start except call on the name of Jesus please pray for me.

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