Release from loneliness

by CMP (Indiana)

Lord Jesus please heal me of my bitterness and pain and allow me to move forward in my life and allow me to forgive the father of my child that left and neglected us for another family. Help me understand that this is your way. Please bless my love life and help me find a good husband and role model for my children. I am sorry for anyone I have ever hurt and will never hurt another soul. I promise to never take for granted what you provide to me. Please look over me for I am depressed lonely and bitter. I know everything happens in time lord but I feel time is against me and I want to extend my family. If u could please please not punish me anymore lord I am deeply sorry for whatever I did, I am merciful lord and need your guidance and strength during this time in my life be with me lord, In Jesus Name I pray amen.

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