Relatives facing homelessness and cancer

by Raquele ()

I would like a prayer for provision and miracles for mu cousin Tanji and Maurice. Through no fault of her own she is being evicted in NY because the landlord sold the units to a condo community. She lost both of her parents and had her life ruined by identity theft. She has no friends and no family support. She does not have the income or credit to afford an apartment. The shelters are full. She will be displaced by the weekend.

Secondly I would like prayers for my aunt Olympia who was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and will have surgery on June 24. She just began a job 3 weeks ago and will now lose it because she will need to be off 4 weeks.

I would like to pray for my mother Barbara who is living with chronic pain from spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and a hip replacement. I also would like to pray for her physical and mental healing. Pray for stability and protection from her own impulsive thoughts.

I would like to pray for my daughter Destiny for healing of heart, depression and PCOS. She also desperately needs a car which is keeping her from obtaining a good paying job. I pray for open doors and that the desires of her heart to have a successful career and financial future.

Thank you.

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