uplifting and committed relationship with my boyfriend

Dear God please help me and my boyfriend have stronger relationship with you , us together I would love for us to communicate daily,uplifting,respectful ,meaningful,loving,caring,make each other apriority,monogamous relationship,honest,putting effort towards each other,make time for each,love each other flaws and all ,deepens are relationship and having you and our relationship heavenly father and Jesus name … Continue reading “uplifting and committed relationship with my boyfriend”

Lord, Help me reunite with my wife whom i love dearly

Dear Lord, Help me reunite with my wife whom i love dearly. Fill her heart with forgiveness and love so we can put the past behind us and rekindle our love for each other so our 3 young kids can grow up in a loving and unbroken family.Lord let your will be done. Amen

I pray for my love,my Mfundo to come back to me.

Lord Jesus please let the man I love come back to my life and love me,I love him so much I can’t let him go he is always in my mind.I believe you will bring him soon in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

need a perfect man for a marriage relationship

God am hopeless u what’s best for me PSE help me get a man my worth for marriage n romanceromance and a family…I also pray for financial break through I have been poor for long.. Amen

I’m asking for our relationship to be restored

I’m asking for our relationship to be restored. For God to soften his heart towards me, and bring us closer together than we have ever been. Pray that we start spending time together, worship and pray together.

I have fallen out with a guy I work with

Hi , I have fallen out with a guy I work with Dw I really like him and have said the wrong thing To him because I was stressing I really care about him and hope he can care about me and forgive me. Please god hear my prayer. Amen

Believing God for my destiny mate

I am believing God for a mate, I have raised my three children the are all grown and own their own and now I would like to have someone in my life who loves God and we can share this love for God and each other.

Prayer for my 30 years together

I am praying for my 30 years relationship to rekindle. We have grown apart and I would love to have my husband back. We have children but the family is not happy. I am asking for family togetherness. Please hear my prayer.