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My prayer request is for my friend..Daniel with whom I work…his carefree attitude and playfulness has made work more enjoyable.. He is a bit younger than me but seems wiser beyond his years. Anyway, I was unintentionally rude( an idiot) to him and it has cased an awkward situation. I want to apologize but it has been hard…I pray that GOD will provide the right time and moment. and the wisdom to know what to say… I do want to make it right… I would like to rekindle the perhaps GOD will give him the wisdom to see that. I also want to pray for his salvation. I cant determine if he is a christian or not. His behavior is suggestive that he is but he does not share his faith so it makes me wonder. I pray that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, if he does not already

So to summarize…Please pray for my relationship to get better with a coworker. Daniel..someone who has made the most positive impact on my life by helping me overcome shyness. Unfortunately our relationship has dissipated due to my own stupidity and it truly does break my heart that we don’t have what we once did. I pray that we will be able to reconnect..if it is Gods will and that my actions will glorify our father in heaven

Thank you very much. It can be hard  for I often have found myself as an outcast/outsider the majority of my life. I  know that when I do share that people often assume so sort of disability but what I have found is that it tends to be based more in shallowness/superficiality of people. To be blunt..if someone is “hot” they are popular..if not then you tend to be treated more rudely.   Despite this I still have hope and put my trust in GOD that things will work out for the better and that I will  on friendly terms with coworkers and they with me.

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