by Arlene Ram ()

I can’t tolerate my mother! My mother is so controlling she messed up my life everytime I wanted a relationship with someone it made the men treat me wrong and like I was not important and they used me and treated me like a sex object. And when it was meant to be she was never satisfied with who I was with. And could never see their good qualities and always made the men go with different women. Who did not want them like I did. Now I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. And she always made it so I lived separate lives with them instead of having a together relationship with them. And they never did anything to keep me with them like live together. They never helped me get into a place with them and they took all my dreams and got a place and a career for themselves and left me all alone and behind. They were very selfish and listening to my mother who brainwashed everybody. And I gave up and have to find the strength to still try. She has condemned me for life for my wrongs that I have blamed many of them because of how she treated me and raised me and as if it is a life sentence instead of realizing that God has forgiven me. She thinks it’s her choice for her to pick what girl a man should pick if she thinks she’s better then me. And God already made the man for me to help me and she keeps making them leave me and treat me bad cause she thinks I don’t deserve anybody and that other girls deserve more than me. But it’s not her choice to say who deserves what. Or for her to be the judge.

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