Relationship with my daughter

by Carol ()

Dear God, it breaks my heart to see my relationship with my daughter growing further and further apart. I believe that the main reason is that her husband and myself don’t get along. I have not addressed his controlling, opinionated way for the first six years of there marriage which only made his behaviors worse and more out of control. Now that I have made boundaries for this behavior when it is being done to me it has caused arguments. I never really liked him but tolerated him for my daughter’s sake. I never spoke bad about him or let my daughter know how I felt. I understand that this was her choice in a spouse and I don’t want to make any waves. However now he is just out of control, rude and in your face about everything. I know that I should have put these boundaries up years ago but his behavior has gotten increasingly worse over the years. This has caused a rift between my daughter and myself. She doesn’t talk about things so it comes out as cold behavior towards me. I really don’t want this relationship with my daughter and it really hurts my heart. Please guide us through this to protect our mother/daughter relationship.

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