relationship with God and a relationship with ex boyfriend.

by Lena ()

My name is Lena and id like for God to forgive me for turning my back, iam a sinner an feel like I cant live normal because of my sins. I ask for forgiveness. My relationship with my last boyfriend has ended due to him stating im jealous but he was flirting with older women infront of me because he was trying to get hired at that place that person worked at. I felt horrible and just my heart dropped when I seen the way he was acting. That being said time has gone by and I rent at his mothers place so I do see him around even though he doesn’t live here. I’m in love with this man but iam hurt and heartbroken. I ask that God can heal my broken heart. And for that person to realize there wrongful doings to good person that loved him. And for god to fix things with my relationship with him and that he will understand why I was upset to begin with. I asked for this man name erik diaz to come back into my life and allow me to introduce the love of God and Jesus christ to his life.

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