Relationship with Daniel

by Kelly (Grapevine Tx)

Please pray for Daniel and I. We have been reunited after many month apart. Since April there has been a lot of ups and downs for us, periods of truth and openness and periods of doubt and insecurity. Periods of silence. So much drama and people speaking dishonesty surround him. I have prayed diligently and with an open heart and willingness to follow only gods will and I come back to the same thing. Love, patience, mercy. After an 11 day period of silence he called and we are going to meet today for lunch or after work. Please pray for truth, open hearts and that our love for each other with be the one thing that shines above anything else we say or do or think or feel. Pray that the walls of fear and insecurity and doubt will crumble and that we will commit to fully investing in each other and building on this foundation god has set for and with us. Fill us with hope, security, serenity, forgiveness, peace above the drama and love that knows no bounds or brokenness.

I believe in us. I believe through prayer. Let me not doubt any longer, let Daniel not doubt and let us face anything before us with joined hands and hearts. Pray for that 3 fold cord to be seen and felt and known between us.
Pray for help and guidance and that we each take a step and make a move in faith despite fear and in vulnerability. Pray god truly removes any obstacles or persons between us and that we honestly invest whole heartedly in each other and our relationship starting now. Today.
I ask only for a true chance in both of us to see what God has done and will do in our relationship. I ask for total commitment honestly and trust. I ask we be infused with faith in god and each other.
Pray that today we see our miracle begin in earnest