Relationship stability and clarity

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Lord, my boyfriend stopped talking to me all of a sudden and would not tell me what he is upto now neither would he breakup. There were several misunderstandings and fights and several bloodsheds previously during the fights. I forgave him , but i am not able to forget all his unjust activities until now. I love him so much, but i am not happy when he is around. He prays once in a while, but he never goes to church nor involves in charitable activities. He is always concerened about money. I have also been toxic while i was with him but everything changed . After a very long time of all these ups and downs, when he became quite stable, he never talks to me about anything. Now he is completely out of contact right now from me Lord. I place the feeelings that i have before you Jesus. I pray for him so that he will be touched by your grace this moment, Lord. Shower your forgiveness compassion and mercy on Him Lord. May all that he does become Good and let him live his life according to your will. I place my broken heart before you Lord, touch me and make me be a witness to your love , Jesus. I place my tears before you Lord. Let these tears be shed once again only for you o lord. Give me your strength and courage and willpower to overcome hardtimes lord. Help me with your light. Let me love be more than the broken feelings thT i have. Give me your love Jesus. Help me to love more forgive more and save me from the clutches of satan , Jesus. Save my guy from the clutches of evil. Father i love you always and i firmly believe in the goodness of your loving words.

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