Relationship Restored Better than Before

Dear Lord, I come to you at this time to give you thanks and praise for our breakup. It is for the best. Without this, I would not have focused upon you. I thank you for getting my attention back upon you!

I have prayed over our relationship and your spirit has told me that you will bring her back but that you had to work on me first. AMEN! Give me more understanding of your word Lord. Walk with me daily, may my words and actions be of your will.

I lift Tammy up to you Lord. Open her eyes as you have opened mine. Open her heart as you have opened mine. Fill our hearts with love and understanding for each other. Remove any and all roadblocks that are in our way. Remove any sin, evil or doubts that may cloud either of our minds Father. Return this most precious woman to me that I may make her my wife. Your word is true and I stand on your promise Lord. Your spirit told mine that this is the woman I am to marry. I pray that your return her to me Father and may you bless our union.

I can not do this alone. I, we, need you Father in our lives. We tried it our way and failed. Open the doors for us to do it your way. Lead us, guide us, walk and talk with us. All you have to do is say the word “go” Lord and she will return to our home. I ask this in the name of your Son. AMEN!