Relationship Reconciliation

Lord, I pray for my partner and I to be able to reconcile our differences and save our relationship. Please open her heart and mind to see that I’m sorry for having caused her loneliness and sadness. I pray that you enlighten her mind that she still wants to save our relationship and that she still loves me. Please give her the wisdom to think things over and not be persuaded by people around her. Please make her see the good times and bad times we shared together and make her realize that we have always been there for each other to provide care, understanding and support at all times. Please take away all the sadness in her heart and replace it with much love for me. Please soften her heart and make her decide to give our relationship a second chance. I pray that you provide me guidance in my actions and the words I speak as I wait for her to come back to me. This is all I ask through Christ our Lord Amen.

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