Relationship Problems: Seeking for religious help and guidance

by Sabina Sheikh ()

Asalamalaikum Warahmatullahi,

My name is Ms Sabina Sheikh. I’m 21 years of age. Last year i met one young men. His name is Hassan and he is 23 years of age. We both muslims. I met him in a spontaneous and special way and he too didn’t except my appearance in his life. We fit together like day and night. Since we know each other we found parity in many things. We meet us and talk to each other regularly. In the beginning we never had any problems or any misunderstandings. Our love and our affection for each other got stronger so that we constantly miss each other. 2 weeks ago he started working. He starts his work in the early morning and finishes late night around 9pm. I’m studying at day time and have a lot of free time when i come home. At this very times i miss him a lot, which is understandable, but i noticed that this feeling is getting worst and takes control over my loving feeling for him. When I’m alone i start to think negatives things about him, at some times i get angry, desperate and sad with this current situation. When we start to talk at night after he comes from his work i transfer those negative feelings in our talks and he quickly feels it too. I say things that hurt him and me too. Many times i loose the urge for believe in our love. Sometimes we fight about unnecessary things we never talked about before and we both get depressed. I pray to Allah, subhanawataAla, for this and i mention his name always in my prayer and dua. Anytime i behave like this towards him i seek forgiveness and i apologize for it. I’m aware of his feelings and i know i drive him crazy. But, honestly i don’t want that. All this comes involuntarily. He is my first love and i see a future with him. I know he is the one was waiting for so long. I love him so much. I looking for help and prayers from other muslim out there. Please pray for us that this bad feelings go away. I love this man so much and he means to me anything. Thanks to everyone and may Allah, subhanawataAla, protect you.

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