Relationship Prayer Answered

St. Jude thanks again. My M. contacted me last week. Had a good talk and I can tell he’s opening up more and more to me. I ask now for MORE and continued communications between us. So we can start to establish what we have.

He’ll be very busy and in another continent for some of 2012, so I ask that our communications stay STRONG and steady until he gets back to his home country. I ask that if you will please let him contact before January 2012. Just once more before he sets out on his mission in another continent.

PLEASE let 2012 be me and my beloved’s LOVE “break through” year. I’m SO ready to enter into a loving/trusting/wonderful relationship full of love, and respect and love of God Almighty. St. Jude, what would I do without you? You’re a great Patron saint who delivers. For anyone who sees my thank you to St. Jude, believe in HIM, for HE delivers the goods almost everytime! I’m lighting a candle in your honor as I always do St. Jude.

Amen and Amen…

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  1. praise god

    I thank god that your prayers was answered everyone has there on belive in what they believe in so I don’t knock you I believe that god answers my prayer and its your believe of st jude everyone in god time will know the truth but if you feel your prayers been answerd I thank god that they were and I’m believing mine will to.

  2. St. Jude does not deliver one single thing...ever

    Our prayers are delivered to the Throne Room of Grace by way of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Turn from your false faith to God by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior and ask him to forgive you for praying to false gods and he will. I am sure you are very nice but you are being mislead by the devil. Do you have Holy Bible? If not, get one and read it starting in John. I know I sound harsh, but the Bible is clear on praying to false gods, or saints, or anything other than God. Ask God to reveal himself to you. Jesus Christ is the only answer…no saints, no devils, nothing but Jesus!

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