Relationship issues

by Leila (Florida)

My husband and I have not seen eye to eye on a lot of recent issues lately . Seems like we NEVER do .. I want the absolute best for him and support him in everything he does and have been there for him in the roughest times. I feel as though I am second best in his life and his so called “friends” have always had the upper hand on me.

I wish he knew how much I love him.. In less than two months we will be bringing our son into this world. & I’m praying something changed between us soon for the sake of our son .. I feel so sad & so lonely all the time & I do not want to continue to live that life.

I am happy person all smiles laughs & jokes but since meeting my husband I feel like I’ve lost me . I don’t remember what it is to be truly happy .. I pray that god hears me and gives me the strength to salvage my relationship or the just the strength to finally walk away…