Relationship Growth- friendship to relationship

by The Lord's Daughter ()

Dear Lord,

Please forgive me for all of my sins. I’ve realized these last couple of weeks where my heart is at, and what I have to fix before I can get it. First, My Lord, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful blessings that are constantly appearing in my life. I am so truly grateful for the things that I already have, and already grateful for the things that I will soon be receiving. I want to be closer to you my father, I want to form a bond with you that leaves me feeling loved, protected and invincible. You are my creator and I beseech the to please forgive the sins and welcome me back into thy heart.
Oh sweet father, creator of all, hear my prayer and grant my request. I understand in the past that my relationships were not genuine. I understand that pretending to have an emotional/physical relationship with somebody out of boredom or spite is wrong. My Lord, clean the slate that I’ve dirtied and bring my real love Frankie to me. We have had great times in the past. As time progressed i have come to the realization that I genuinely like him and want to be with him. My emotions are all out of love. Full his heart with loving feelings towards me and eyes for sight for the great future we could have together. I want to be there for all the good and all of the bad. Please Heavenly Father, bring Frankie to me looking for a loving, kind, caring, real, long term, happy, joyous relationship. U care about him immensely and know we can both make each other happy. Amen.

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