Relationship breakdown

I have been in what I thought was the perfect relationship for a year now. In this time there were a few ups and downs including one which resulted in him having to return to his home country for the Nero future. Despite this not being ideal we agreed to stay together and I chose to stick by him through the hard times. In recent months I have become seriously ill, suffering from a number if serious problems including heart failure but doctors had no clue why as I am otherwise young and healthy. They began to fear for cancer etc however a test revealed this week it is a relatively simple but infectious disease which treatment will resolve. Me and my family thanked God as we have spent months fearing the worst. I shared this with my partner in order for him to get tested. Instead of the relief I expected, he lost his temper and began to argue with me as though I’d purposely put him at risk. He commented that if any test came back positive he would support me but we could no longer be together. I was truly shocked and extremely disappointed as this was the man I believed God intended me to marry and throughout our previous problems, breaking up was something we’d never considered

The fact that he was so quick to consider leaving at a time I needed the most support really made me question the whole relationship. I acted quickly to call it off as I thought better to do t now than for times to get tough and him walk out on me. Needless to say he did not take it well and has pretty much said he wants nothing more to do with me. I really do not feel I am n the wrong here but wonder if I made the right decision and if God showed me this side of him for a reason.
I would love for things to be resolved however I do not know if that is an option and am praying for a sign from God on what to do and for the strength to completely leave the situation if that is what he intends for my life. Walking away is easier said than done

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