Relationship and a personal financial situation

by ME (Houston.Tx)

Dear father I come to you today first of all asking forgiveness of all my sins I put my life in your hands and I am begging you to come down and breath life into my relationship remove my insecurities that have became a hard situation in my relationship allow me and my boyfriend to love each other purely, I also ask you to mend our hearts let us forgive and not let our past life affect our present and future! Please place in my boyfriends heart love towards my son, allow them to have a genuine friendship, also give me a feeling of forgiveness towards my father whom with his action’s and words has really affected our relationship. May you be number 1 in his life and may he have peace and abundance of joy! Let him feel forgiveness from you and your love in his life so that he in return can love us his family, I thank you for his kids and I ask you to bless them and give them love for me remove any hatred and pain that our relationship may have caused them but may they see the love in us and respect it . I thank you for all that you have done and what you are going to do in Jesus name I pray AMEN

Dear God you know my personal situation the reasons why and how stupid my mistake was I know you have forgiven me but know I come to you asking for your mercy and grace over my life please lord remove the fault allow a miracle to occur so that I don’t have to be condemned and my your justice fallover me I know you want the best for us and I thank you because I know you will make a way where there seems to be no way out! In Jesus might name I pray and give thanks AMEN

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