Rekindle Our Love

My heart aches today Dear Lord and the pain from my broken relationship is bearing heavy on my heart. I pray my love can see and most importantly feel the love and support I have for him. I pray he will take the time to listen to my words and be open to my heart.

Our love has been failing and I pray with all my being that we can bring our relationship back together. We have built so much together being as one and through stress and everyday life we lost focus on our goals. I pray Lord that our unity can grow again, and this time stronger than before.

We truly enhance each other’s lives and the hurt that I am feeling is so strong. I pray that we can both start to see the good in each other. Our distance has made this difficult but what we give to each other when we are together has been so wonderful in the past.

I pray that the events of the past few weeks can be forgiven and our love will be stronger if we make it through and start communicating. This man fills my heart so and although I have your love in my heart, I need his as well.

There will be a day when he needs me, his health will not be well, and I want to be there to care and nurture him as he deserves. I pray Dear Lord that we will be guided to make the right steps toward this reconciliation and you will guide me with the courage and strength to fulfill my prayers.

Thank you Lord for your love