Regret and fear

by Amanda ()

Our father who is in Heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, Lord God Almighty El Shaddai Emanuel Jehovah Yeshua the true son of God the Christ, I need you so badly right now I crave to know you and your word and I CRAVE to obey you, but lust and lies take over my spirit. Help me Lord as you have taken addiction from my life TAKE THIS EVIL thing away from me. It henders me Lord it brings about regret and I Know it is not lawful and how can I be a godly example being gay. Lord I tell Kasey all the time how I truly feel but then she won’t let me let go. She’s a temptation everyday and I tell her it’s wrong and we can’t do this thing but then we do anyways and I’m left feeling Terrible and with regret and anger and I don’t know how to separate from her Lord. Open a door for me and Zechiah to walk through and away. Take us out of this house Lord! Provide us a way but in a gentle manner lord as Kasey wants to know you to and her situation hinders her a great deal and I worry she will fall back to drugs and I worry Lord I worry about many things especially Zechiah. She catches his lies and deciept where I do not. I get tiered lord and overwhelmed and then I don’t know what to do. Zechiah stresses me and he’s disrespectful and I’m not good I suppose at punishing him because if I were this wouldn’t continue everyday. Why is he so bad lord WHY! What can I do open a door and give me unbelievable supernatural strength and endurance to walk through it and shut it tightly and lock it behind me. Give me the supernatural ability to discern when it’s time to speak and time to walk away from any situation because I need you I need this I need you I need you I need you. Rescue me from this lord PLEASE rescue me from all of this. I fear your wrath and your judgment lord I fear your wrath and punishment above all it scares me take this away PLEASE take it all away. Thank you for hearing my prayers and allowing me to understand things unknown to me like the child support. You give me the ability of insight and awareness and it brings peace of mind to me. Also Lord my dream of the duck the goose and the clear voice that said “do not touch the birds they have diseases” what does it mean?? Does it mean not to eat meat because that’s how people will become sick here in the future? Does it mean not to get a pet bird?? I know it also means stop picking up the feathers but is that all it means? Please reveale this dream to me and make it clear as day what not to do concerning the birds the water and all living creatures in this manner. In your Holy Name I ask these things. You are who you are the Great powerful merciful gracious patient Loving kindness God above El Shaddai Emanuel Jehovah Yeshua the one and only the first and the last the beginning and the end the alpha and the Omega the one who was and is and is to come again the Lord God Almighty Yeshua I pray these things in your holy name Amen Shelom selah hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Shalom selah hallelujah Amen

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