Regain her Love and Trust

by Geovanny (South Richmond Hill, NY, USA)

Dear lord, I would first love to thank you for all the blessings you have blessed me everyday and despite I do not acknowledge them I still thank you and love you for blessing me with such blessings. I would like to pray today and come forth to help this one person named Keilly help her come out of this dark cloud she is because of my fault and to realize before she gets hurt emotionally. Help her come back to my life and keep going on with our lives as one, as through your grace I have changed my ways and my mentality and give her that hope and braveness to allow her to trust me again and allow me to remain making her happy once again please Lord. 3 years together I helped her get closer to you God. Help her now and make her realize she is dealing with all of this the wrong way. As well give me strength to cope with your will. Help me be strong and have hope no matter what.

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