Reflief of Accumulating Debt, Control of Finances & Financial Gain

by Lidia (Aruba, Dutch Caribbean)

Dear God in Jesus Name..

Forgive me for having accumulated so much debt owing people unnecessary interests on loans taken to solve financial instability. Having constant thoughts of “I will win in games of chances” which will help me solve all outstanding debt has not knocked at my door as yet. I live in constant faith that this will happen. I am ashamed of my doings and have a good and faithful heart. I am ailing and feeling weak. I wish to be strong and by lifting up my arms in faith and healing ask for a miracle today. I am afraid and live in fair of myself of what I ‘ve done. I am a good person and wish to clear ALL DEBT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND LIVE ACCORDING TO GOD’S WILL IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. FORGIVE ME
I ask for blessings and guidance and that a miracle will come thru YOUR Intercession. Thank you dear father AMEN

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