Refections of Ourselves!

by Sean ()

Narcissus forever admired his own reflection or maybe it was actually a girl he saw and loved in a pool? Abraham too saw many versions of himself reflecting back to him from pools or from shiny surfaces. But these may well have been his many descendants who now number like the stars in the night sky or the great sands of the seaside. The Virgin Mary may perhaps have caught sight of some aspects of Jesus’ face long before he was born in the old distorted mirrors of her age. One his looks might have been the same as when his face shone like the sun on the mountain of his transfiguration? Another might have been like how the 2 travellers on the road to Emmas saw his face before they at last recognised him in the breaking of the bread! Or perhaps maybe she foresaw the everyday ordinary kind of face Jesus would show first to Mary of Madeline after he rose from the dead when for a few moments time seem to stop forever where he seemed to remain a hidden stranger who was inside yet another one of his mysterious riddles. So now all of us remain all our lives too remain frozen in those few moments that Mary of Madeline was trapped in where we wait longingly to eventually see what she most joyfully finally did see which was the real face of Jesus!

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