Redeem the Time and Make My Paths straight

by R.S. (CA)

I am a 40 y/o female, unmarried, without kids, living with my parents, and making about 10,000 dollars a year. Pretty much “Arrested” in my development.

I have had an ivy league education, receiving a BA in biology, even started one year of medical school—but just couldn’t get it together and it all fell apart.

My business stays the same, in spite of everything I do to be successful and I have a hard time plugging back into school or even having an inkling of self-awareness regarding who I really am and what I should do and how I can get there.

Want to listen to the Lord instead of putting my ladder up the wrong tree.

Would love for prayers for the Lord to “redeem the time,” and direct me into a new career, in which I am stable, maybe even happy, earn enough to live comfortably and give to sources I’d like to give to….and be like a “Joseph” to my family—that they will one day see what I’ve become and glorifying God for directing my path and making good out of seeming hopelessness.

Prayers for clarity, decisiveness, stability, perseverance, and a strong constitution.

Thank you!

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