Recovery and homelessness

by Angel ()

Dear father Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, I come here to write this prayer for whom desperately needs to hear it or just wants to hear my prayer as this will be my first prayer I am about to type too you my Father Christ for the person reading that needs it desperately, also im not just going to be praying to you god but mosty everyone alive here on this planet I shall per say. now let’s go on n start reading this prayer so you will be back to whatever it is you got to be in life, jobs and ,etc.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, the father son and holy spirit I pray for you to give me and these persons that need what I’m typing because they probably dont honestly know where too begin, a , second chance at the one thing we missed n never noticed what that was all that long…..For the person thats not me and that reads this other then me and The Lord Christ shall receive what I am praying at the moment of right now me typing this and from when he or she reads it in the future or near futures . What I was going to ask for, for us was can u just help us out with a push my Lord ,
Like a boost to be exact but I think you could do about just anything that would be considered insanely impossible or labeled hoax or conspiracy. Also I know you cannot speak to us ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, but I will always speak too you and pray like right now because not that I’m Christian but because its a love for you that I don’t have for anything else and its a different kind of love. But it’s good love and I just love good things . Who doesn’t? And show this person that you are in fact watching and could hear or see him or she anytime or place of the day . I’m going to type a short true story of my encounters wit Jesus , not physically but spiritually. Well it was morning am and it was about gonna be when sunrise was coming and the darkness was leaving while daylight was breaking in , and I was out with a friend and his girlfriend n that was the same night that my friend had made me a Christian but I wasn’t born Christian or any religion but my dad’s side of the family is Catholic while my mom’s side were not really deep into religion but they believe in the one true God and Jesus Christ so I would assume they would be Christian but sum have their own opinions against religion and I’m fine with it and I’m honesty not against it but i think the religion part is where we start getting split up into the RACE category I should say and u know where that leads if you are familiar with your history.
Sorry getting off topic a little because of so much too and tell about stuff related to bible , Jesus, religion, etc. Where was I thought , well yea “my friend made me a Christian man right”. So I say about not even 30 minutes later i seen a cloud that appeared to be something I picture of Jesus and I’ll stand to any day that I believe it was a message from him or something to show too me that he was there and i don’t know , that’s where it kinda gets me , I had wondered so much but I was a person that would not believe in stuff that happened like that , n the reasons men my friend seen those clouds like 30 mins later was because we will always be looking at the stars and moon n just anything up there .. Also I don’t believe believe in alien life existence anymore or that we had went and did a fully landed mission to the moon. N yes I’m gonna be into drugs n addiction in a moment too, but I’m 100 percent positive about what I say now that then what i knew from the year 2015 about conspiracy and stuff like that , yes some are in fact true but I’m telling you , you may think I’m dumb or something stupid but I did so much research because I even had better on stuff that would be true or false and
When me and my friend well ima just say bro, well when me and my bro were in a deep debate about the moon landing being fakes and I was so sure i was right when I said we did over n over too him , like I was mad too over it ;like a man your that dumb, kinda look aha!. But yea soon I start researching later that day n found out so much deep about the landing that blew my dang mind and literally was shocked at the like we live in from the moon landing to 9/11 being attacked our own government n always plays blame games n always wants . But just go look up moon landing conspired . So when they did those they shot the whole thing at area 51 , in one the hangars and damn I’m so off topic now but it all ties into my addiction and problems of my young life ., I won’t disclose how I am because this prayer might get taken down , just know I ain’t over 20 yet and also I’m native American dine tribe half Hispanic too ,.. But yea just look it up for yourself and its trippy stuff n just evidence in our face and no one says nothing but back to the prayer guys , so Jesus Christ I seek success nothing life but in my young life before my parents leave to show I could do it .. because it seems all I need is to finish for them to be happy for me and I know can too but the devil has a way of destroying what u want and putting u so far down your own grave that isn’t filled with the dirt yet and it is so painful trying to get out my hole I dig MYSELF because of either the people or things I did to where the point I am and too you here writing this too you.,, well I’ll take everything that happened to me in past to present at this second because I know how it finally ain’t gonna change or go away .
If u get a deep cut u will always be seeing the scar of the pain to show u what u had n won’t be back too, just put that to something relative to your life you know and I grew up born and raised in AZ in a not so good neighborhood. But once the age of 15 came my younging playing kids days were done without notice but it tike for me to form into what I am now, knowledge n witness, wise.
I can at least say thank u Jesus for what u did for us and for me especially , you are literally the only one that died for me for something that haunts everyone till this day without anyone knowing n the ones that do are caught in fear of the state of lost and need someone to speak too and just some that are going to be a friend and already knows that is good-hearted folks . Sinn isn’t going anywhere it lurks every place go n sin lives in voice too , watch what u say if u want to show Jesus some kind of way u are trying to come closer to him and trust me I mean really thought just try not to say G ** damn
I even knew like I was taught not to say it, so I knew not to type It in, don’t use his name in vain at all, and I used to get angry and it got me so frustrated when anyone would say it just cause I didn’t feel like it was good word in my own definition of it, but damn is acceptable or dang ,
But when u think of it before u had said it and still had said, it is breaking the commandment but when u say it and feel remorse and. Bad, just call for your father Jesus Christ and if u don’t believe yet just see what would happen after u yourself tries and pray seriously. I do think Jesus does here every kind of prayer that has it sent for him n u got to call him , I’m not a Christian that goes to church every Sunday but when I can n when I feel the need that I have to too n need too I go, u just gotta find the right one for you If u feel some type of energy telling u to do something for God etc them do it n see if u are rewarded with something random that just really comes as a surprise special something from the man upstairs, u will know it would be from him too what ever it would be.. when I mean this its not going to be a physical gift but a probably mental confidence type of feeling out of no where where u know u can’t do any sort of confidence type of feeling for whatever it may be or like me when I saw the clouds as 1 and I am answering with complete honesty that those clouds formed the Lord Christ for me after I, in fact, I had said after my friend made me a Christian from I forgot what it was called what he did to make me a Christian but I said to him I’m gonna ask the Jesus Christ to show me that he is with me n that I was Christian, it was so early n I was happy as heck, Jesus help the people with there prayer after mine

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