Recovering a relationship

by Lakeisha Marshall ()

Oh God I come to you on a hurt heart. I pray that you bring me and JaQuarrius relationship back together oh God yes I want to be with my baby father oh God allow the same from him oh God please God bring us back together. Oh God I had sex with other men , We weren’t together at the time Oh God but I still had deep feelings that I’m not able to let go I want to be with JaQuarrius oh God I also had sex with the guy I didn’t know him and the guy were cousins oh God allow him to forgive me for that as I forgive myself allow the guy to forgive his self as well oh God I were hurt and out of my mind when JaQuarrius left me oh God I just want my family back together please I’m begging g you Lord God allow his family and friends to forgive me allow our child to forbid me oh God right now Lord please I’m begging Lord forgive me Lord I cry out to you oh God Lord for bid my sins Lord I just way JaQuarrius I only can see myself with JaQuarrius oh God please fix it for me lord allow him to trust in me allow him to understand me allow him to believe in me allow him to know that I love him no matter what the given things are oh God please God I ask you repair my relationship with my son and my baby father Lord right now Lord I love this man Lord this is who I want to spend my life with oh God please Lord place me and JaQuarrius back together Lord let him know I truly apologize allow us to build our relationship Lord please God I ask of you now Lord do it for me. I don’t see JaQuarrius inside no other man I don’t want JaQuarrius to see me inside another woman Lord just do it for me right now your daughter Lakeisha Lord do it for me right answer my prayer oh God make things work in your favor pull my relationship back together allow him to see a new me in I Lakeisha as I see new him inside JaQuarrius Lord right now Lord who ever holding on to JaQuarrius allow them to let him go if their is another woman besides I Lakeisha Marshall around in his life allow him to let her go Right now Lord Send me my man oh God bring my family back together Lord please I’m calling out on your name Lord I ask you right now give me the ability God in your name I Pray Amen

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