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I have MANY weighty issues occupying my mind and time. This feels like a season of intense fiery trials that I’m in. I have a crushing stressful feeling surrounding me. I’m desperately seeking relief from the Lord.

The thing that’s weighing on me the most is the misplacement of some priceless sentimental things. I kept these things in a small metal box in the attic. I often hid it up there when contractors were in the house and I had to leave. I have now sold the house.

It contained my diary of the days leading up to and the day of my daughter’s birth. It may have contained my wife’s and my first wedding rings, titles to motorcycle, car, and my collection of all my driver’s license from the first one issued in the 70’s. There also may be a collection of other diamond and gold jewelry that I had.

I sold the house that the box was in and my realtor has reached out to the new owners to check for me but no response. So I decided to go to God to get it back for me. I believe faith in God is my best and only hope. Nevertheless, not my will but his will be done. I can’t force the new owners to give it back but nothing shall be impossible with God.

Please pray for me. Thank you.

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