by OBFP (United States)

Please bless me with my relationship back. We have overcome so many things as a couple, I come and beg that you please help our relationship heal, fix and mend us back together. To bless us with all that comes with love, rekindle and fill our hearts with much love and respect for each other. Please give our relationship a second chance, I ask that you please open his eyes, his heart and his thoughts. Please help us get back together St. Jude. Please help me with my ex, who has very hard feelings and impulses, please guide him please open light and reality to the situation. Please give us a second chance as no one is perfect, please help us get back together and be devoted followers of god and as a couple show devotion to you. Please bless us please heal please hear my prayer I ask because i know no case is hopeless, please give me strength, please give me hope and strong faith to continue and I thank you for hearing my prayers and helping me today and so far. Thank you with all my heart, you know what my heart feels and needs, thank you. I promise to show my devotion to you for the rest of my life, please hear my prayers St. Jude. In your glorious and holy name, please hear my prayer, please help us. Please come in drastic help and help me with what this situation has done, health, emotional, financial, carless, etc.. Please let us and give us the opportunity to have the gift of love that we were blessed with before. I ask you, please help me.. AMEN.

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