Reconciliation or restoration of a relationship

by Phillip ()

First and most importantly I want to give praise to GOD for answering prayer to restore a friendship and a softening of a coworkers heart. There is much more progress needed but there has been a start or seeming an positive step forward on being on good terms with this individual. In spite of all of this I would ask/request continued prayers. Just for the purpose of context , allow me to share….

I struggle with social anxiety or (SAD), that within of itself presents many challenges. As well as many odd, weird monuments/interactions with others. Typically as a result of being so uncomfortable within a situation. My main concern and where my prayer request is to be addressed to primarily is unintentionally being rude/disrespectful because of . There is a young man in particular.., Daniel McConnell , an indidial who has made work so much more enjoyable, which I unknowingly or unaware have been rude disrespectful to. Of course I do want to emphasize that it was unintentional, perhaps a more pathetic, desperate attempted to be likable, to seem more , interesting, not so boring. Whatever the matter the reason for my foolishness, I ask for prayers for GOD to soften his heart, make him aware that the rudeness was very much unintentional, and that he will be forgiving.. That a restoration of our friendship will occur. But more importantly that I would be able to redeem myself , not necessarily only for my selfish interests but that so that I may be able to glorify and honor GOD through my interactions with Daniel, but I would not be able to do that if Daniel is not forgiving of my foolishness. So I ask for Prayer for forgiveness from Daniel McConnell but a restoration of the friendship……or at least to be on good/friendly terms with him

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