Reconciliation of Marriage

by Shawna (Florida)

Lord I come to you with a heavy heart ,I need your help , your protection and guidance ,I know lord that only you can restore my marriage I pray that you will be my rock and lord soften and speak to my husband Andy’s heart lord he has left and abandoned me his wife Shawna and our marriage .lord my husband struggles with addictions and letting go of those who enable them from his past .lord my husband accepted you in his heart but has turned to temptation .lord I pray you break the hold that the devil has on him with these problems have him to return and honor our marriage lord I sought help through his parent’s and other’s to help him get rehabilitation and embarrassed him with the humiliation of talking to his friends I ask for you to soften his heart to forgive me to open his eyes and seek the help he needs to be a good and faithful husband .lord to seek you again and I ask lord please free him from his addiction and the people of his past who enable it. Lord please unite us as one again and put a hedge of protection.Around us that no one can hurt our marriage please restore us to be as one our love strong our happiness we shared together may it be restored we need you lord and I pray that you will come quickly and speak these things to Andy’s heart lord ..Amen

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