Reconciliation of marriage

by Jennifer (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,I open up my heart to you ,oh Lord, in hope that you will hear my prayer and create a reconciliation between my husband and I, that we may understand what wedge came between us that caused us to separate so that through you and your loving mercy we can destroy the pain,anger , and hurt and not be afraid to heal and give our marriage the chance we deserve to reconcile and create a strong, loving, caring,honest, loyal and faithful marriage with you as our rock to build it upon. Please enter mine and my husband’s heart and show us three way back to you and each other. Please , help this reconciliation come fruition speedily and safely, and never leave our hearts. Please give this union that was vowed in your presence, and to each other, a second beginning and help us to continually grow in your loving kindness and have you as our foundation. I ask this with all my heart and soul. I thank you for all that you have already given us and all that you have done , we love you Lord, unconditionally and most graciously, thank you too, for hearing and receiving my prayer. I now leave it with you our loving father. Amen

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