Reconciliation of a marriage broken by divorce

by Sarah (Ohio)

Heavenly Father, I ask in the name of your only son Jesus Christ, and I pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, that you will return Stan’s love to me, his desire for me, and give him only eyes for me. I pray you heal our hearts, and soften our words, and give us peace and comfort and allow us to delight in each other again.

I pray that Stan turn his life over to you and turn away from the life of sin that he has chosen to put into place ahead of his love for me.

Every day I hurt and I pray and I know that you see me and hear me. I need you most of all. I want to be closest to you most of all. I wish for the Godly family WITH Stan, not without. I pray for that. I ask you for that.

God I give it all over to you and daily I will trust in you, believe in you and have faith that you are working on my behalf to restore love and marriage a marriage that has been broken by a divorce.

I seek your face God. I ask for your healing. I ask for restoration and reconciliation between Stan and I, wholly, fully, completely.

I ask for a Christian life, with you as head of our home. I know that I cannot force anything out of either you, or Stan. I have no power, no control. Your will, not mine; your desire, not mine; your choice, not mine.

I ask you restore Stan’s love to me.

I praise you for the time I had with him and that when we were happy, we were genuinely happy. I pray that you remove all who have come between us and open Stan’s eyes and heart to me again.

Yours is the honor, the power, the glory, now and forever.

In the name of Jesus

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