Reconciliation, Healing

by E ()

A relationship recently ended between me and my ex boyfriend about 2 and a half months ago. While things ended in a messy way, it doesn’t change my viewpoint of him. I think he’s a great, incredibly giving guy who deserves to have all of his dreams fulfilled.

Things between us ended on a bad note after a conversation I had with him a month after the break up hurt him due to honesty of how I felt at times with him in the relationship. We hadn’t talked since and I attempted to apologize which received no answer. The process afterwards left me feeling raw, incredibly hurt, and dealing with immense guilt surrounding how I feel I hurt him or maybe could have done things better during the relationship and handling the break up itself. While I am taking charge of my life and have decided to leave the matter alone, I walk around with the biggest hole in my heart due to the lack of closure that was left after the conversation. I felt I lost a friend in such a wrong way.

I ask for prayer in that I can find closure for this relationship. That the hurt that exists between us can be healed by putting love and understanding for the other in our hearts in order to uncomplicate and mend our friendship. I ask God to forgive me for the ways that I’ve hurt someone important to me regardless of the intention and failing to take care of myself first in a relationship that could have been fruitful.

I also pray that you bless him with a great life and stand by him in his endeavors as he deserves it.

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